How to get the new snapchat update

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Snapchat Update

Last updated on August 4th, 2019

The new Snapchat update is here and most people do not like the changes that it has brought with it.

Stories are no longer ordered chronologically. Instead they are ranked based on your most recent interactions. It also takes a few more steps to rewatch a story. The option to rewatch a post isn’t available right after viewing. You now have to go to the user’s profile to get a second peak.

Furthermore, the friends section now contains snaps, direct messages and group chats all on one page as opposed to separate ones as before. And to manage your own stories, you now have to tap the Snapchat logo to access the camera and to see your story views and deleted snaps.

How to get the Snapchat update

For most people, the app will just update automatically, so simply open Snapchat and you will see the changes without having to do anything.

It should update automatically if you have the latest operating systems on your Android or iOS device.

If you do not have the latest operating system or you have turned off automatic updates then you have to manually install the updates.

For iOS devices you can do it through the App store and for Android devices you can do it  through the play store.

1) Go to Updates in the App Store (iOS Devices) or go to the My Apps in the play store.

2) Tap the appropriate Snapchat update to install.

It is as easy as that, and as long as you have a decent internet connection then it should only take a matter of seconds, certainly no more than a couple of minutes.