How to Save WhatsApp Status Photos & Videos

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Last updated on November 10th, 2019

Earlier this year, WhatsApp update has been rolled out with feature like snap-chat story which has become popular over the months.

You can update status/story using a collage of videos or photos. Your friends can watch status videos, but cannot download WhatsApp status videos/photos.You can use romantic whatsapp status love videos or filmy tamil video song statuses.The WhatsApp stories are end-to-end encrypted and gets deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Here’s how you can save WhatsApp status via different methods.

1. Check Hidden WhatApp Statuses Folder

The status photo gets downloaded to .Statuses on Android Lollipop/marshmallow/Nougat device after you tap on one if your friend’s status. The .Statuses folder is usually hidden to prevent you from saving WhatsApp status images to gallery. All you have to do is to unhide the folder to copy WhatsApp status photos of others.

Steps to unhide .Statuses folder to save whatsapp statuses

  • WhatsApp stories gets downloaded to My Files :> Device Storage :> WhatsApp :> Media :> .Statuses folder on android. And, in a similar path on other devices as well.
  • You need to unhide using More :> Show hidden files.

To view hidden folders and files you can use file manager apps.

2. Story Saver for WhatsApp to Save WhatsApp Statuses on Android

This method includes installation of app exclusively designed to save WhatsApp stories to gallery. You can download WhatsApp photo story or video story using this app.


  • Download Story Saver for WhatsApp from Google Playstore on your Android device.
  • Open the application and tap on Recent Stories button
  • Select the Video/photo stories you wish to download to gallery on Android smartphone
  • Click on Download Icon on top right hand corner
  • The downloaded stories appear in your phone gallery.You can also check out downloaded WhatsApp statuses in Story Saver. You can also repost/copy WhatsApp status of others by using repost option in Story Saver application.

3. WhatsApp++ to Save WhatsApp Statuses on iOS

WhatsApp++ has added the facility to download photos and videos, as you’re viewing other peoples’ stories. Your downloads get saved to the Camera Roll in the Photos app, so that you have no problem accessing them later.

It’s not available on the App Store. All you need is a $9.99/year per device subscription to BuildStore and you can install WhatsApp++ on your iOS device, without having to jailbreak it.

Note: Installing WhatsApp++ from BuildStore requires you to uninstall the original WhatsApp app.

  1. Uninstall the original WhatsApp app from your iPhone if it’s already installed.
  2. Sign up for a new BuildStore account and register your iOS device.
  3. On your registered iOS device, open Safari and navigate to the WhatsApp++ app page.
  4. Tap on the Install button.
  5. Once installed, register WhatsApp++ with a valid phone number.
  6. Open WhatsApp++, tap on the Status page and view the particular Status that you want to download media from.
  7. When the particular photo or video that you want to download, is playing, just tap on the Download button in the bottom right corner. The file will be downloaded to your Camera Roll.

BuildStore is a preferred solution because of its ease of use and trustworthiness. All apps and tweaks found on the BuildStore repository are updated and uploaded by their developers.

4. Using Screenshot or Screen capturing Apps

This is easy method to save WhatsApp status videos or images to gallery. You can save them using ubiquitous screenshot feature. If you are using iOS 11, you can use inbuilt screen recording to save WhatsApp status videos to memories. Here is how you can record a screen on any device.