How to Change Units in AutoCAD

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Auto CAD Drawing

You should know the units of your drawing while working on AutoCAD. The default units is set to inches. Here is how to change unites in AutoCAD. 

AutoCAD Units

You can draw in AutoCAD using the following units: 

InchesFeetUS Survey Feet
AstronomicalLight yearsUnitless

How to change units in AutoCAD

  1. Open the existing or new drawing that you are working on to change the unit in AutoCAD.

  2. Type UN or Units in the command line and Hit ENTER on your keyboard, the Drawing Units window should pop up.

  3. Click on the drop-down menu under the Insertion scale, select the appropriate unit, and click on OK.

How to change units in AutoCAD using -DWGUNITS command:

  1. Open the drawing where it is needed to change the drawing units.

  2. Type -DWGUNITS and press Enter. The following checks will be performed in succession:

    1. Drawing units.
    2. Drawing unit display formats.
    3. Linear display format.
    4. Linear display precision.
    5. Scale objects from other drawings upon insert?
    6. Match INSUNITS to drawing units?
    7. Scale objects in the current drawing to reflect a change in units?
    8. Include objects in Paper Space?

  3. Choose a drawing unit other than the current one on check 1.

  4. On check 7 and check 8, choose Yes to scale objects already in the drawing.

See the following example of the command-line text:

Command: -DWGUNITS
Loading AEC Base...
Loading AEC Base Extended...
Loading AEC Core...
Drawing units:
  1. Inches
  2. Feet
  3. Millimeters
  4. Centimeters
  5. Decimeters
  6. Meters
Unit for length <6>: 3
Drawing unit display formats:
  1. Scientific
  2. Decimal
Linear display format <2>: 2
Linear display precision <4>: 4
Scale objects from other drawings upon insert? [Yes/No] <Yes>: Yes
Match INSUNITS to drawing units? [Yes/No] <Yes>: Yes
 ** WARNING: you have changed the unit for this drawing database.  **
 ** All new objects will be drawn according to the new unit, but   **
 ** existing objects will not change size unless you specifically  **
 ** ask to have automatic scaling occur.                           **
Scale objects in current drawing to reflect change in units? [Yes/No] <Yes>: Yes
Include objects in Paper Space? [Yes/No] <Yes>: Yes
Scaling the entire database...
Scaling AecDbObject(s)...
Scaling entities in Model Space...
Scaling entities in Paper Space...
Scaling entities in Paper Space...