How to take a screenshot on an iPhone X

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Last updated on August 4th, 2019

Here is how to take a screenshot on an iPhone X using the Volume up and Lock buttons on your phone.

Screenshots from your iPhone are great for sharing moments from your favorite videos, high scores from your games, conversations on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, bugs you want to report, and almost anything and everything you see on your screen.

The process of taking screenshots is a little different than with previous iPhones. Traditionally, they were done by clicking on both the Home and Power buttons. But with iphoneX, the home button is no more. With iOS11, you can also do even more with screenshots by marking them up with a variety of different coloring tools and sharing them across social media, text messages, and email.

Steps to take screenshot on iPhoneX

  1. Open the app or screen you want to capture.
  2. Set up everything exactly the way you want.
  3. Press and hold the Side button on the right side of iPhone X.
  4. Click the Volume Up button at the exact same time. (This replaces the Home button step from previous iPhones.)
  5. The screen will flash white and you’ll hear the camera shutter sound (if your sound is enabled).

Edit the screenshot

  1. Tapping on the screenshot will also pull up options to edit it.
  2. There are options to crop or magnify the image and you can also mark it up with a variety of coloring tools.
  3. If you don’t dismiss the screenshot by swiping to the left, it will disappear automatically after a few seconds and save to your camera roll.iphone x edit screenshot

Share the screenshot

  1. Press and hold on the screenshot thumbnail(s).
  2. Choose the option you want in the Share Sheet.