How to Unarchive Instagram Photos

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How to Unarchived Instagram Photos

Last updated on June 23rd, 2020

Instagram added the ability to archive posts you have previously shared so that you could only see them going forward in mid-2017. It is easy to forget how to unarchive your Instagram photos or videos so here is how you can unarchive previously archived photos, videos or stories.

How to Unarchive the archived Posts or Stories

You need to make sure you have the posts or stories saved in your archives if you want to unarchive Instagram photos, videos or stories. 

  1. Go to your Instagram Profile in a mobile application.

  2. Click the clock icon in the upper-left corner, where all your archived posts or stories lived.

  3. Click the “Archive” title at the top of the page and select which archive you would like to view. You can either view your story archive or your post archive.

  4. How to Unarchive Instagram Stories.
    – Select the Instagram story you want to unarchive.
    – Click “Highlight” in the bottom left corner.
    – From there, Instagram will let you choose which album to add to this Instagram story.
    – You can create a new highlights album from here.

  5. How to Unarchive Instagram Posts.
    – Select the image you want to unarchive.
    – Click the three dots in the upper right corner. 
    – Click the “Show on Profile” option to unarchive Instagram posts!

It’s easy to unarchive Instagram posts! It’s reassuring to know you have complete control over your images, too.