How to instantly free up RAM on your iphone or iPad to Improve performance

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Last updated on November 10th, 2019

The more RAM the iOS has, the faster your device will be. Some not well written apps that have been downloaded can consume RAM usage and slow down your iPhone or iPad. Here is how you can instantly clear RAM on iPhone, iPad to keep the performance at the peak.

How to Manually clear RAM on your iPhone or iPad


  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until “slide to power off” message appears on the screen. Then you can release the the Sleep/Wake button.
  2. Continue to hold down the Home button until the home screen comes back.

The performance of your iPhone or iPad can be improved and they will run faster after manually clearing RAM on your iPhone or iPad.

How to clear RAM on your iPhone or iPad using Third Party Tool

Tenorshare iCareFone is an excellent RAM cleaner for iPhone/iPad to boost performance, which is actually an iOS cleanup/speedup tool that promises to clean up all sensitive and overloaded data. It allows you to get rid of unwanted files so that your device could have more free space to let the apps run more smoothly.


  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC via a USB cable. As the program detects your devices, move to click on “Speedup & Clean” on the main interface.
  2. You should click on Quick Clean to scan your iPhone or iPad due to the RAM cleaning that allows you to take a short time to free up more RAM space.

  3. Choose types you want to clean and click “Clean” button on the pop-up window to erase the target items.

How to check if it has freed up RAM

There are several apps available in the App Store that provide memory usage information.

Act Monitor has a cool Notification Center widget, which gives you a quick glimpse of memory usage on your device from anywhere in iOS via the Notification Center.