How to Use Google Arts and Culture app for face match feature outside US

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Google Arts and Culture App Face Match Feature

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

The Google Arts and Culture App came out with a new feature that allows it to take selfie, upload it, and compare it with a famous painting in one of several art museums worldwide. Here is how you can figure out your own doppelgänger.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, musician Pete Wentz, and actors Felicia Day and Kumail Nanjiani – shared their results on news feeds.

This new feature is currently only available in the U.S. and is “experimental”. However, using a VPN service can allow you to access to the face matching feature outside U.S. Here is how you can do your own doppelgänger even if you are outside U.S.


1. Install the Google Arts & Culture App (iOS & Android).

2. Do not open the App.

3. Download a VPN – the Opera VPN app which is available on the iOS & Android.

4. Open the Opera VPN app. Click on ‘Switch location’ under the Device Location tab, and select United States from the list.

5. Once the location is changed, open the Google Arts & Culture app.

6. Scroll down until you see Is your portrait in a museum?

7. Tap on “Get Started.”

8. A camera will appear. Take a selfie. Once you take the photo it will scan the archives and give you the results.

9. The app will give you a variety of matches. Scroll through the reel at the top of the screen to see what other portraits you may look like.

10. If you want to save the image to your camera roll, click on the “Share” button in blue.

Note: You can’t upload a selfie from your camera roll — you have to snap and shoot on their camera. It won’t register non-human images.

If you try to take a photo with another person, it will only focus in on one person in the photo.

The Google Arts & Culture app is part of the Google Cultural Institute, which provides information about artists, scientists and historical figures from 1,000 institutions worldwide.

The selfie feature is an innovative way to introduce the Internet to great art. The selfie feature is also similar to other apps that use matching technology to find lookalikes. For example, Microsoft’s What Dog app can identify and classify dogs based on photos uploaded to the app.

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